From Auto Electrical, Diesel Fuel Injection equipment, and Batteries to Lubricating Oils and Filters, our wide range of products, tools, and test equipment covers all vehicle types, making us one of India’s leading automotive aftermarket solution providers.

The Lucas Indian Service brand is one of the most trusted and recognized in the automotive aftermarket industry and boasts a fine heritage. The LIS electrical range continues to deliver the highest standards serving customers across the country.


Starter Motors

We pride ourselves on paying attention to the minutest of details. You will find this diligence crafted into our many starter motors, ranging from pre-engaged starter motors, direct drive starter motors, thermal cutout starters to gear reduction starter motors.



Efficiency is at the core of our ethos. Our brilliant engineers have taken every measure to ensure that our Ignitors function at 100 percent efficiency at all times. We offer DDLI (Dual Coil Distributor-Less Ignition) as well as SDLIs (Smart Single Coil Distributor-Less Ignition).


Radiator Fan & Motors

Efficiency. Expertise. Endurance. That’s what LIS guarantees with its highly durable radiator fan and high-performance fan motors. We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.



Our engineers put in maximum effort to ensure that you have products of the highest quality. Our list of alternators includes external fan alternators, internal fan alternators, DFM (Dual / Digital Function Modulation) alternators, and LIN (Local Interconnected) type alternators.



We believe in delivering maximum value with every product. For the best-in-class wipers available, be sure to take a look at our range of wipers, ranging from front wiper motors, rear wiper motors to big and small linkages wiper motors.